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Our founding resource, QED offers a complete consultancy service for families wishing to home school their children with certified, experienced teachers, providing complete assistance with all paperwork, curriculum development and management, teacher supervision and instructional support.

"A QED homeschool education was exactly what we needed to help our boys get a great start in their academic lives. The personalized attention gave them a tremendous boost and Melissa and Teri were always there when we needed them"
-Emily Scott - J.Crew, Plum TV, Director Sears Holdings

FAQ's - QED Homeschool

Is there a home school curriculum?

Our QED Home school trademark is the individual attention we provide to each of our clients. We do not work with pre-packaged curricula. Instead, we determine the interests and abilities of our students to help them realize their highest potential. We start with the state core curriculum standards and build dynamically from there. We have found our method produces a high level of student achievement and satisfaction. This individualized, academic and child-centered approach is based on establishing goals, checking for achievement, and moving forward. We work with our teachers to personalize instruction to meet the needs of your unique children.

What does the QED home school consultancy offer our families?

Our clients turn to QED Home School for our experience, knowledge and educational insight. We work together with our teachers and families to tailor an academically enriching, fun-filled, and child-centered curriculum. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. We manage all the paperwork necessary to homeschool in any state in the U.S., (and internationally in some cases) and we assure your child’s teachers are meeting our high academic standards throughout the entire school year. Our teachers prepare quarterly report cards and maintain portfolios of student work from year to year. In addition, the QED network provides a complete teacher support network to provide curriculum resources, advice and fellowship for our educators throughout the year.

What schools have students homeschooled with QED tutors been accepted to?

  • Princeton University
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
  • Trinity
  • The Dwight School
  • Brearley
  • Friends Seminary
  • Birch Wathen
  • Columbia Grammar and Prep
  • Professional Childrens School (PCS)
  • Riverdale
  • Greenwich Country Day School
  • Packer Prep
  • Elizabeth Irwin High School
  • Avenues

Are you a school? Are you accredited?

We are not a school and are not accredited. We assist families with the homeschool process.

Is homeschooling legal?

Yes. Every parent has the right to provide an appropriate education for their child, and for many, personalized schooling at home is a highly desirable alternative to a group setting.

What about socializing and making friends?

We believe some of the most important skills learned in primary and secondary schools are interacting with others and behaving appropriately in whole-group situations. For this reason, it is vital for homeschoolers to have opportunities to socialize regularly with and learn from peers. We encourage all our home school families to involve their children in extra-curricular activities after school, on weekends, and over the summer.

What about field trips and traveling?

Here you are limited only by your imagination and your budget. Many amazing trips can be planned around curricular studies; from as close as local museums and historic landmarks to as far away as Egypt or the Galapagos Islands. Occasionally teachers are available to travel with families to these destinations. All trips are supported by appropriate activities and materials to enrich the experience.

Where will school take place?

Typically a family will have a quiet area/room of their home dedicated to serving as the classroom. We assist our families with information on how best to set up these areas.

How many hours a day and days in a week should a child have school?

The number of required school hours is mandated by the Department of Education. Within this framework there is room for flexibility in planning.
In grades K-5 we recommend a minimum of 20 hours per week for 40 weeks. (This does not include extracurricular activities.)
In grades 7-12, we recommend a minimum of 25 hours per week for 40 weeks.

What is the cost for homeschooling with teachers through the QED consultancy?

Costs depend on the age of the children, number of hours per week with teachers, and the hourly rate of the teacher. For most families, this runs between $70,000-$100,000 per year, which includes our consultancy fee and teacher salaries.

Can we include more than one child?

If children are close in age and work well together, one teacher can work with two or even three children from the same family at once. This provides a cost savings for the family.

What about standardized tests?

Students in grades 3 and above are administered a standardized test every year. This helps our teachers measure their students’ progress and allows them to become comfortable with test taking.

Can homeschooled students obtain working permits?

Yes they can, and we assist our clients with this process for students who are performers.

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